Capacity Building on the Global Fund, Sep 2015

gf_rep_group_banner_193_bydaleAPNSW members from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Vietnam took part in a five-day workshop held from 5 – 10th September 2015, in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The workshop is part of series designed specifically for sex workers, to build the technical knowledge and ability of APNSW members to engage and work with the Global Fund mechanisms in their countries.The workshop was developed by APNSW with technical support from NSWP, Global Fund and additional support from Robert Carr Network Fund. Lead facilitators were Michael Matthews, Communities Delegation to the Global Fund, and Kay Thi Win, Regional Coordinator for APSNW. Additional facilitators included Aldo from OPSI (Indonesia), and several staff members from Global Fund.APNSW members who participated included WNU (Cambodia), Empower (Thailand), PAMT (Malaysia), VNSW (Vietnam), Friends Frangipani (PNG).For full details of the workshop, see the following pdf document: APNSW and NSWP Global Fund Training, Sep 2015