Legal Literacy Training Workshop, August 2015

legal_wkshop_group_pic1Participants from five APNSW member countries took part in a Legal Literacy Training workshop in Bangkok from 27-29th August, 2015.The objective was to ensure sex worker representatives understood:

  • the rights of sex workers and the importance of legal literacy to advance these rights
  • how the laws currently affect sex workers in their country
  • good practices in legal literacy activities in other countries
  • how to document and respond to violations of human rights
  • how to prepare for legal services projects in their countries.

APNSW Members from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam took part, and shared summaries of the legal and human rights situation facing sex workers in their countries, as well as what legal service projects were availableFor a detailed summary of the workshop, download the following pdf documents:APNSW Legal Literacy Training – workshop summary Part OneAPNSW Legal Literacy Training – workshop summary Part Two