Raid in Cambodia Led to the Death of Pen Kunthea

In January, 33-year-old mother Pen Kunthea drowned when she slipped and hit her head while jumping between boats to run away from district security guards. She was left to drown. There have been calls for systematic change, accountability and justice to be served in Cambodia following her death.

Cambodian Sex Workers Arrested and Detained during “Street Sweeps”

"Fourteen sex workers were arrested on the 24th of January in Cambodia, and taken to the infamous ‘rehabilitation’ centre known locally as Prey Speu.This makes a total of 289 sex workers arrested in the last 13 months ... "

Caught Between the Tiger and the Crocodile

In 2008, the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW), published a documentary film “Caught Between the Tiger and the Crocodile”, which explores the human rights abuses perpetrated against sex workers in Cambodian detention and “rehabilitation” centres and the abuses caused by the controversial 100% condom use policy.

The International Seminar of Sex Workers in Asia and Pacific, 2000

The International Seminar of Sex Workers in Asia and Pacific was held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 15-19 November, 2000. This joint statement was read at the closing session, agreed in one voice of the region.