"Scarlet Road" Documentary Released (Australia)

Released in 2011, ‘Scarlet Road’ is a documentary featuring Australian sex worker activist Rachel Wotton that advocates for the sexual rights of people with disabilities.Rachel Wotton has been active in the New South Wales Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP); in Scarlet Alliance, the Australian Sex Worker’s association; in establishing the organization Touching Base; and is active in connecting sex workers with clients living with disabilities.Scarlet Road ... the extraordinary story of an Australian sex worker and her clients with disabilityFilmed over a 3 year period, “Scarlet Road” premiered at the Sydney Film Festival on 11 June 2011, and has subsequently been featured in a number of forums including:

  • the Sheffield Documentary Festival, UK (2012);
  • the 14th annual Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece (2012);
  • the Documentary Edge Festival, New Zealand (2013);
  • the Hot Docs International Documentary Festival, Canada (2013);
  • the Clinton Street Theatre Sex Workers Film Series, America (2014);
  • and the Sexuality and Disability Expo, Australia (2014).

Rachel Wotten also briefed Members of Parliament on the film prior to a screening in 2012, as an advocacy action in support of the sex worker-led campaign to decriminalise sex work in the state of South Australia. During this event, Rachel advocated for the State government to fund access to sex therapy or visits to a sex worker for disabled people.Through her involvement in the film, Rachel said that she hoped to highlight the rights of disabled people to have their sexuality recognised and respected, and to address the commonalities in the way that both sex workers and people living with a disability are perceived by broader society.A trailer for the film can be watched on the film's website, where it is also available for purchase.Screenshot of Scarlet Road website with trailer