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Via Email to: membership@apnsw.info

Or post paper copies to: Room 518, Phyathai Building, Phaya Thai Rd, Ratchathewi, Bangkok, 10400, Thailand.


Code of Conduct for Member Organisations

Members are expected to conduct themselves in the following manner:

  1. To support the vision, mission and core values of APNSW

  2. To participate in consultations and endorse key positions made by APNSW, and to support the implementation of such positions in their respective countries

  3. To follow guidelines in the selection of Management Committee members and participate in the election process

  4. To respect diverse opinions and individuals within the network

  5. To protect the reputation of APNSW

  6. To respond to requests for information and disseminate information shared by APNSW to their respective constituencies.

Frequently Asked questions


All membership applications and inquiries about membership of the Network will be directed to the APNSW Regional Coordinator. The Regional Coordinator shall advise applicants on Membership Guidelines, and shall collect any information necessary for processing applications.


After the membership application form has been submitted and received by the Regional Coordinator, the application will be reviewed by the Management Committee for approval. This process will take no more than two months, and the applicant will be informed of the outcome of the process.

To maintain its active membership status, each member shall be required to submit (annually) to the Secretariat an updated list of key focal points, contact details, and web-link to the official website of their organisation (if available) for publication in the APNSW annual report, website and membership database.


APNSW exists to supports sex workers’ rights, and members are expected to adhere to the very basic principle of “do no harm” and protection of sex worker rights. Any member found to have acted in opposition to these basic principles, or conducting itself in an unethical manner, shall constitute grounds for cancelling its membership of APNSW. Any allegation of such a failure will be brought to the Management Committee. Cancellation of membership, on recommendation of the Chair, will require a two-thirds’ majority vote of the Committee.